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Site Update News

• Team Maps version 3 is the latest version of Team Maps which is now hosted on the Map Channels website.

• Existing Team Maps users can continue to use all the earlier Team Maps mapping tools.

• Registrations for new users are closed. Please register on the Map Channels website to use the new Team Maps version 3.

Introducing Team Maps version 3

Team Maps version 3 is a brand new mapping tool with special features to display multiple places, animated routes and video routes.

Key features of Team Maps include:

• Multiple resizeable panels including two Google maps, Google Street View, YouTube video, index panel and profile panel.

• Combine multiple feeds. KML and GPX format feeds are supported.

• Display routes using animated street view.

• Display routes with synchronized YouTube video recorded from dashcam devices.

• Click on any point along a route to view the imagery for that location.

• Use advanced features such as clustering and filters.

• A range of settings to customize your Team Map.

Team Maps New York Demonstration Map.

Team Maps Home Page.

Create A New Team Map.

• Visit the Team Maps Dashboard.

• Visit the Team Maps Reference.

4 June 2021

Introducing Team Maps provides tools to create advanced interactive maps for your website.

This site is a further development upon mapping projects developed at Map Channels over the last 5 years.

Team Maps is a full rewrite of the project also named Team Maps released at Map Channels in 2008.

This new version of Team Maps includes features from Map Channels versions 3 and 4 such as the display of multiple feeds and clustering.

We are looking for distributors and integrators to help with the marketing of Team Maps. Please contact us if you are interested.

Get Started

Register to create a new user account and team account.

Once registered you can create new maps and feeds from the Dashboard.

Key Features

• Create User Accounts For Team Members
• Edit Enabled Maps: Add Markers, Polygons and Polylines
• Display Multiple Feeds
• Clustering To Display Large Numbers Of Markers
• Define Templates To Customize Data Presentation
• Integrated Google Places Search
• Filter By Name, Category or Feature
• Geolocation
• Custom CSS Styling
• Additional Layers: Traffic, Weather, Panoramio
• Mobile Mode
• Full Page Display or Embed Using Iframe


Support Added For The New Google My Maps

KML and KMZ feeds from the new Google My Maps can now be imported into Team Maps. Please note that custom marker images are no longer included in the KML exported by My Maps. It is recommended to assign a single category to your My Map markers and select an appropriate marker image for that category.
28 Nov 2014

Add Polygon and Polyline Options

There are 2 new options in the Edit Policy section. These options can enable or disable the adding of polygons and polylines to a Team Map.
9 Jul 2014 Site Restored

Apologies for the site being down for the last two days. A transfer of other sites to the server did not go as planned and the result was that the server had to be re-imaged and installed from scratch. The site should now be operational again. Please contact us if you encounter any problems.
27 Aug 2013

KML Layers and Places Import

2 updates have been made to Team Maps - KML Layers. These layers as displayed in the right-hand options bar and can set to be initially displayed or hidden. - Places Import. Use this function to import data from a tab seperated value (TSV) feed into a map's internal feed.
6 Aug 2013

Team Maps Updates

A few updates have been made to Team Maps - substantial improvements to the update speed for clustering - changed default map settings - fixed the bug where feeds could not be deleted - edit policy can be limited add markers only (no polygons or lines) - name filter applies to all text displayed in the index sidebar.
27 Jun 2013

Quad Angle Maps

Four times the imagery. View locations using 45 degree imagery from four angles simultaneously.
26 Jun 2013

New Tutorials

Three new tutorials have been added to help with: Creating Editable Maps, Combining Feeds and Templates.
19 Jun 2013

Open Beta

The Open Beta phase has started. Register now and create your Team Map.
13 Jun 2013

Welcome To Team Maps

Closed beta testing has started. Participants can register for a free subscriber account.
1 May 2013

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Street View Overlay

Street View Overlay
• The Street View Overlay displays an overlay image on top of street view imagery which moves in sync with the street view panorama .

Street View Tour

Street View Tour
• The Street View Tour displays multiple street view locations with a different overlay for each location.

Quad Angle Maps

Quad Angle Maps display four separate 45 degree imagery views of the same location.

These views are linked so that as you pan one view the other views move accordingly.

Create a Quad Angle Map now.

View an example map of the Status of Liberty.

Quad Angle Map of the Status of Liberty

Custom Projects

Custom mapping solutions can be developed for your requirements.

Please Contact Us for a quote.

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