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Tutorial 1 : Team Maps Primer


• Team Maps provides tools to add maps with advanced functionality to your website.
• The site is intended for maps which display a fairly larger number of places (up to 5,000) and require indexing and search filters.
• The maps are by default surrounded by two side bars, a header bar and a footer bar.
• It is recommended to allocate a large screen area for the map, or to use a full page map.
• If you require a smaller-scale map you should check out the tools at Map Channels.


• Two types of feeds are available: internal or external.
• Each map automatically has one internal feed. This feed can be directly edited from within the map.
• External feeds are cached copies of data from an external location. External feeds can be in KML or Text format.
• Not all KML elements are supported. The KML formats used by Google My Maps are supported.
• Text feeds can be tab or comma delimited text.

Getting Started

• Team Maps can be managed by one person or by a group of people.
• A team and user account are set up when you first register. Additional team member accounts can be created later.
• Once you have activated your account you get access to the dashboard.
• Use the dashboard to manage your maps, feeds and team members.

Beta Phase

• The code is ready to use now. Development is ongoing to add some additional features.
• Subscribe to the RSS News Feed to be informed of new developments.
• If you spot any bugs please report the details of the problem, including your map ID.
• Feedback and feature requests are also welcome.
• We are looking for distributors and integrators to help with the marketing of Team Maps. Please contact us if you are interested.

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