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Tutorial 4 : Create A Basic Map to display a KML Feed

• Go to the Dashboard and click 'Create Feed'.

• Enter the details for your KML feed and click 'Create Feed Now'.

• Go back to the Dashboard and click 'Create Map'.

• Enter a Map ID and optionally a map title and description.

• Optionally set the map dimensions and map type.

• Use the map opposite to set the initial map centre and zoom level.

• Click 'Create Map Now' to create the map and be directed to the settings page where a preview of the map is visible.

• From the map settings page you can customize your map's appearance.

• First, goto section 2.1. (Map Placement) and set 'zoom fit' to 'Yes'.

This option will automatically set the map centre and zoom level so that all places are visiible at the highest possible zoom level.

• Next, go to section 1.3. (Feeds). Disable the Internal Feed as this is not required for this map.

• Add the KML Feed now by clicking on the new feed in the Available Feeds list and then clicking on the left arrow button (<-) to display this feed on the map.

• Click on the button labelled 'Save Changes and Update Map'. The feed should now display on the map.

• You can now apply further settings to customize the way the feed is displayed on the map.

• When a large number of markers are displayed it is useful to enable clustering.

• Go to section 4.2. (Clustering) and set 'enable clustering' to 'Yes.

• Then save changes to see the markers displayed using more manageable cluster markers.

• Make further changes to the settings as required and remember to save changes made.

• When the map settings are complete go to section 1.2. (Embed) to get the code required to embed the map.

• Copy the generated HTML code and paste this code intto the page where your map is to be displayed.

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