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Tutorial 6 : Create an Editable Map

• An editable map allows the map owner and editors to add, edit and delete places on the map.

• Only places within the map's internal feed can be edited. Go to section 1.2. (Feeds) and set 'Enable Internal Feed' to 'Yes'.

• If you want to let site visitors contribute places go to section 1.4. (Edit Policy) and set 'Allow Users To Add Places' to 'Yes'.

• Save the map settings to preview the map.

• Click on the 'Add New Place' button on the map to add the first place.

• Click on one of the buttons at the top of the map to choose a marker, polygon or polyline.

• Click on the map to set the position of the new place. Polygons and polylines require several clicks to edit.

• Place positions can be modified by dragging and dropping markers.

• Choose the place category on the left hand side of the map. Enter the place name and other available fields.

• When complete click 'Save' to store the changes.

• An example of creating a place marker for the London Eye.

• Clicking 'Change' in the street view section lets you select a specific street view to display for the place.

• Adding a polygon to the map.

• The map after adding a marker and polygon.

• Places added by non-editors are placed in a separate 'pending' feed.

• Editors can review these places for inclusion in the main feed and save, edit or delete them as appropriate.

• The internal feed of an editable map can be used as an external feed for other maps that you own. This allows several internal and/or external feeds to be combined into one map. See the next tutorial for more about combining feeds.

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