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Tutorial 7 : Combining Multiple Feeds

• Go to section 1.3. to select which feeds are displayed on your map.

• Two lists are displayed, Selected Feeds and Available Feeds.

• Select a feed by clicking it, then press an arrow button to move the feed to one of the lists.

• Use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to change the display order of the feeds.

• If an internal feed is enabled then this feed is automatically displayed.

• When a feed is selected a text box labelled 'Category is displayed. You can input the name of a category here which will be applied to all places in the feed.

• Go to section 4.1. (Filters) and change the 'Feed Filter Enabled' setting to 'Yes, Initially ON'.

• Optionally you can define the title of the feed filter section. In the example map the title has been changed to 'Cities'.

• You can define whether a 'Show All Feeds' link is displayed and also set the displayed title of this link.

• Click 'Save' to store the changes and view the preview map.

• If it possible to include the internal feed of another maps as an external feed.

• The map below shows the London Tourism feed added to the Hotel Cities Feeds.

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